Healing the ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’


Stress is such a wonderful thing helping us to react fast when we are in danger. But most of us are not in danger most time of the day. [...]

Healing the ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’2019-03-14T16:31:47+01:00

The power of your breath


The Power of Your Breath written by Anders Olsson is an easy to understand and practical self-help book. The purpose of the book is to communicate simple knowledge that [...]

The power of your breath2019-03-04T19:39:13+01:00

The Relaxator


The Relaxator Breathing Retrainer is a small and convenient tool to improve your breathing habits. When used regularly, it helps you achieve optimal breathing with a resulting increase in [...]

The Relaxator2019-03-14T19:03:14+01:00

Good habit #1: Nose breathing


An organ taking up so much space in our heads must be meant for more than only smelling flowers. The nose is one of the most underestimated body parts, [...]

Good habit #1: Nose breathing2019-03-14T16:12:56+01:00
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