Stress is such a wonderful thing helping us to react fast when we are in danger. But most of us are not in danger most time of the day. Still our bodies too often run on adrenaline and we have all these symptoms we cannot really explain.

Biochemist Libby Weaver have focussed her work on stress and women and present symptoms of what she calls the ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’. These include physical issues such as digestive system problems, not enough sleep, painful menstruations, PMS, a racing heart and shallow breathing. It also includes feelings of not being good enough and there is an every day challenge in serving others, getting things done and making time for yourself.

Libby’s message calls out to me. I am a ‘rushing woman’ myself who care so much for other people and often take (too much) responsibility on my shoulders. It’s time to learn how to relax. It’s time to reset what is normal. That brain fog, the guilt, those sugar cravings and that spinning mind is NOT normal. It might have been there for a long time making it feel like normal. But it is not. And it is possible to change it.

Breath (and love) heals fear

It can be normal to be relaxed most hours of the day. It can be normal making all your decisions based on love instead of fear. One step in that direction is this simple exercise. As soon as you recognize tension, fear or discomfort, stay with that feeling while breathing deep, slow and rhythmic. This have helped me many times to look at certain negative feelings from a higher perspective and to see them for what they really are. I look more realistic at them and from the present situation instead of just follow the pattern I once created.

Breathing slow and with the diaphragm immediately takes your body out of the fight and flight mode. You give your body and your mind the possibility to rest and repair, to digest and to grow. Conscious breathing help you relax and to connect with that inner voice guiding you through life.

“It is time to get back in touch with your breath. It is time to remember the absolute miracle that you are and get in touch with the magnificence of your existence.”

(Libby Weaver)

For more inspiration, enjoy this TED-talk by Dr Libby Weaver: “The pace of modern life versus our cavewoman biochemistry” (

Relax your breathing
  • Become aware of your tensions

  • Practice being in the now

  • Make ‘relaxed’ the new normal

  • Improve your breath preventively and in moments of stress