Breathing Re-training Products

Improving your daily breathing pattern could help you improve your overall health. Experience more energy, less stress, better focus and increased stamina.

The 28-day program for better breathing costs €45 and includes:

The book ‘The Power of your Breath’ by Anders Olsson is filled with easy to read theory and exercises. Order it for €22.

Sleep Tape™ ensures that your mouth stays closed at night. Order for €25 and sleep better for 5 months long.

Personal Consultations

Holistic support for improving your daily breathing habits and experience more relaxation and flow. All consultations can be done in English, Dutch or Swedish.

€60 for one hour personal breathing advice and exercises.

One hour personal breathing consultation + support via e-mail and phone when you need it the most. €75 per month.

A personal session for stress management, welcoming possibilities and stepping into the flow of life. €60 for one hour.